Columbus Data & Analytics Wednesdays

What is Data & Analytics Wednesday? It’s a free monthly meetup of data people of all sorts! Marketing data, web data, behavioral data, sales data, product data… whatever kind of data you’re working with — CBUSDAW is a fun and relaxed group where you can kick back, have a drink, hang out and connect with others in this weird and wild world of analytics.

Each month we feature a speaker, sometimes it’s a first-time speaker from right here in Columbus. Other times it’s a nationally known analytics superstar. But it’ll always be interesting and relevant (we offer a money-back guarantee on that!).

Previously called Web Analytics Wednesday, we’ve renamed in 2024 to better represent the wide varieties of topics we cover. In 2023 we talked about:
GA4 and BigQuery, Marketing Mix Modeling, Generative AI in SEO, ChatGPT Embeddings, Heatmapping & Session Recording, DataOps, Data Storytelling, Contextual Advertising, and Google Business Profiles.
With more to come in 2024 and beyond!


All of our Columbus DAWs are free of charge thanks to the generosity of our sponsors:

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